Popular African names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
141 Rashidi African Thinker; counselor. (Swahili). M
142 Saleem African Peaceful. (Swahili). M

143 Salim African Peaceful. (Swahili). M
144 Sanura African Kitten (Swahili). F
145 Shaka African The name of the Zulu tribal leader sometimes compared to Attila the Hun. Shaka shaped an amalgamation of tribes into the great Zulu nation in the early 19th century. (Zulu). M
146 Taj African Exalted. (Urdu). M
147 Tanesha African Born on Monday. F
148 Tanishia African Born on Monday. F
149 Tanishia African Born on Monday. M
150 Tau African Lion. M
151 Xhosa African Sweet. (South African). F
152 Zahra African Flowering. (Swahili). F
153 Zalika African Well-born. (Swahili). F