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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
21 Maasiai Biblical The defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord. M
22 Maath Biblical Wiping away, breaking, fearing, smiting. M

23 Maaz Biblical Wood, wooden. M
24 Maazin Muslim Variant of Mazin: Proper name.. M
25 Mabon ArthurianLegend A knight. M
26 Mabon Celtic Mythical god of youth. M
27 Mabon Welsh Legendary son of Modron. M
28 Mabonaqain ArthurianLegend A knight. M
29 Mabsant Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M
30 Mabuz ArthurianLegend Ruler of Death Castle. M
31 Mac Celtic Son of. M
32 Mac Gaelic Son of. Scottish and Irish surname prefix sometimes used as a given name or nickname. Mack: (Scottish) Ancient Scottish given name. M
33 Mac Scottish Son of. M

34 Mac a'bhaird Gaelic Son of Baird. M
35 Mac a'bhiadhtaiche Gaelic Son of Bhiadhtaiche. M
36 Mac Adhaimh Gaelic Son of Adam. M
37 Mac Ailean Gaelic Son of the handsome man. M
38 Mac Alasdair Gaelic Son of Alasdair. M
39 Mac an Aba Gaelic Son of the Father or Abbott. M
40 Mac an Bharain Gaelic Son of the noble warrior. M