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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1501 Mylnburne English From the mill stream. M
1502 Mylnric English From the powerful mill. M

1503 Mylo English Merciful. M
1504 Mynogan Celtic Mythical father of Beli. M
1505 Myra Biblical I flow, pour out, weep. M
1506 Myrddin Welsh Welsh form of Merlin: Hawk. From the sea fortress. M
1507 Myrick Welsh Dark-skinned; A Moor. Form of Maurice. M
1508 Myrna Arabic Myrrh; sweet oil. M
1509 Myron Arabic Myrrh; sweet oil. M
1510 Myron Aramaic Myrrh; sweet oil. M
1511 Myron Greek Perfumed oil. M
1512 Myron Hebrew Holy place. M
1513 Mysia Biblical Criminal, abominable. M