10 Ways To Fill The Space Above Your Sofa

10 Ways to Fill the Blank Space Over Your Sofa

Our design solutions team always asks, “How do I fill in the gaps in my walls?” Sometimes it’s the top of the stairs, sometimes the wall of a bedroom, and often the wall on the sofa. Room! Given all the questions we had, this is how we would deal with this question! Here are 10 ways you can fill in the gaps in the wall above your sofa for an effective focal point.

1. A large, oversized mirror

We discussed on the blog the importance of having a focus and affecting the drama in each center and the right way to do that is through a big mirror. The space on the wall above your sofa can be a scary place because it’s so spacious, but we like to see it as an opportunity! Have a seat and do something dramatic with it! In this living room we have put together some of our true mirrors to create a glamorous wall that really carries you!

2. A grid of four or more prints

Taking symmetry into account when decorating your home is another important thing as it gives the space an idea of ​​order. If you like a clean, polished look, this is a great tool too. A symmetrical room is often quieter because your eye doesn’t take up that much space. A grid of prints behind your sofa is a great way to fill the space, but it also creates a symmetrical focal point.

3. A grouping of prints of different sizes

A gallery wall can be pretty impressive, but if you like the look, consider grouping art in the same way as here. All of these prints are by the same artist, but the sizes and layouts of the prints are much simpler than you would normally see on a large web within a gallery wall.

4. A large painting

Instead of lots of small pieces, draw a large picture on the wall above your sofa. Note that this has several advantages – it’s like keeping a piece of clothing that you only need one piece for, and you’re done. No adjustment, no matching pants on top. Voilà. The bigger a bigger piece is, the lighter it feels, the more polished and less busy it feels. If this is your search for this look, you should discover the art you really like and stick with it!

5. A number of mirrors

When your room is dark and you want to bring more light into your space by hanging multiple mirrors on your sofa. They’ll easily jump around the room, they look chic and simple, and they carry any color palette you like!

6. A pair of prints or mirrors

There are many benefits to buying home accessories for two, and a pair of prints is no exception! Is there a reason we love her? You can put them together at any time or separate them in different rooms. A pair is much more versatile than a pair, just as it is easier to put a lamp together than a pair.

7. A bulletin board with rotational art

We love the idea of ​​having a large bulletin board on your sofa so you can explore the art. This would be a great way to showcase kids art in the family room or playroom! We added a grid of 8 botanical prints by hanging a large oldlap message board.

8. Go for a gallery wall

We know gallery wall can feel awful, but there really is no exact science! Just do it. Of course, arranging the prints on the floor before nailing them to the wall always helps, but we also like the idea of ​​constantly expanding a group as you acquire new favorites.

9. A mirror + a pair

Mix the wall decor together! You don’t have to choose between mirrors or art prints. Use both together to create a unique group with uniqueness and movement.

10. Nothing

Do you still have to hold on to the back of the sofa? Put your sofa in front of a window and you don’t need anything – except a few shimmering panels!


How to Decorate Above a Sofa

The empty space above a sofa is one of the main spaces of great home art. In fact, it is only comparable to the space above a lining. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to determine what type of industry to hang. While most people stick to the thematic solution of hanging a single painting or photo on the sofa, there are many more options to choose from. When choosing something to display on a sofa, your options are many. So be creative and choose some of the features that you like.

Show off bold works of art

The most common means of putting a sofa on is a single piece of art. However, if the artwork is flexible, the effect is likely to be minimal. If you want to create a really interesting focus, try something very big in the form of a bold piece that virtually leaps off the wall, is vibrant in color, or graphically pleasing in design. Ultimately, the word “brave” is open to interpretation, but the idea is that when a person is at home .uken, their eyes immediately glaze over because it’s so attractive.

Create a gallery wall

Sometimes one piece is not enough. Gallery walls can really save the day here. With a photo gallery, you can get really dramatic effects rather than just picking a piece. Remember that when hanging pieces to create a gallery wall, all of the elements work together as a unit. The center of the entire display should be at eye level. It’s always best to plan out this type of ad before you start hanging out. Place the pieces on the floor in front of the wall and play with the arrangement until you find someone who is happy. If space does not allow, use graph paper.

Hanging an African poker hat

African poker hats have become a necessity in stylish homes across North America. During the royal court of Cameroon, hats were mainly worn by tribal chiefs and dignitaries. These consist of large, lively bird feathers and are available in different colors. Feathers are considered a symbol of wealth and have many positive qualities associated with birds such as freedom.

Available in every imaginable color, these hats create effective wall art that is guaranteed to stand out in any room and great in modern global space. Try using one on a sofa for a simple and stylish focal point, or show a few together for a more daring effect.

Mirror mounted on sofa

Mirrors are important decorative tools. They reflect light, open up space and make rooms look better and generally larger. It can be a great place to hang a large mirror over a sofa, but remember that mirrors, whenever possible, are windows or something else that’s visually appealing.

Do not hang a large mirror over a sofa as it is empty and happens to you. Make sure it works with everything else in the house. That said, you can definitely hang a couple of small mirrors together on a sofa to create a gallery feel. Like any photo wall, think of them as a unit when deciding where to place them, and carefully consider the size, shape, and finish of the frame.

Hang floating shelves

Storage is becoming increasingly important as homes get smaller and people start to take advantage of every available space to display their jewelry and treasures. Floating shelves, like shelves with attractive brackets, are a great option. Make sure they are installed correctly (right on a stud) so they don’t fall on someone sitting on the couch.

When installing shelves, hang at eye level – or when grouping, the center of the group should be at eye level. You can choose from the middle of the shelves on top of your sofa. You can combine the shelves with additional sconces and artwork for a versatile look.

Mount a sculpture on a sofa

Hanging sculptures made from attractive materials and shapes can be ideal for creating a unique, homogeneous look. The term sculpture is very broad, but it basically includes an item that is not traditional thematic art (i.e. painting or photography). Some examples are fax antlers, ceramic plates or stamped metal sculptures. The key here is to look for pieces that aren’t too deep so they don’t hurt the space above the sofa.

Show map

Maps are a great way to add a sense of history to a home. They’re also great for paying homage to the places you’ve gone or the dreams you’ve had. When it comes to arranging cards, you have many options: Color, Black & White, Sepia, New, Wine, City, Country, Transit, Nautical … and the list goes on.

You can pick them up in home accessories, old stores, flea markets and even old atlases and other books. The key is to choose a card that somehow makes sense to you. Cards often look best in a frame. So if you don’t have one, consider making a custom frame for your piece.

When hanging something on a sofa, remember that the biggest mistake is hanging something very small. The piece, whatever it is, should typically be about two-thirds the width of the sofa (unless you are deliberately picking something over a large amount). When hanging a group of pieces, the same advice is usually applied. That being said, the rules are pretty loose. So be creative and choose something that speaks to you and makes you smile.


8 Ways to Add Impact Above Your Sofa

Be it a spacious living room, formal seating area, or a cozy dark place, the seat can be anchored to a comfortable sofa along a wall with plenty of room to fill the top (and the back). Adequate opportunity to make a statement. We were convinced that some compelling, inspiring ideas would add to the big impact.

1. Play sculptural accents

If your seating area has upholstered elements in a lively color mix, choose an equally attractive layout on the wall above the sofa for a balanced effect. Instead of lots of colorful works of art, emphasize the shape by showing the symmetry of small sculptures that catch the eye. The result is sporty and a little unexpected, but helps frame the sofa and tie the space together.

2. Create an inspirational focus

One surefire way to make a statement on your sofa is to use a large mirror as the centerpiece. This gives instant character, lets the light bounce around and opens up the space to feel cooler. From there, get creative with the space around the mirror and evade your personal style. An idea? Try adding your favorite pictures and tear sheets from magazines for the outdated version of an inspiration board.

3. Group art with a theme

If you have a wide wall to fill in, consider grouping with a themed portrait, such as B. a folk picture, a landscape or nude drawings. Set your focus on a set or series to make sure the tasks are similar but different enough, and just hang them on a grate above the sofa. In contrast to the gallery wall, a thematically decorated art exhibition ensures a clear appearance with a combined visual story.

4. Hang up glittering textiles

When it comes to classic, sophisticated decoration techniques, a fairly large textile always impresses anew. For an eye-catching approach, take a look at knitted tapestries with floral borders and book views. Or go with a global pattern for colorful boho that is just as beautiful.

5. Create a plate display

Beautiful china can find a perfect and perfect elegant home on your sofa. After all, it’s a decoration step that will stand the test of time. Choose sets with fantastic details, beautiful colors or beautifully painted puppies. To create the illusion of higher ceilings, try placing them above the sofa, starting at eye level and working upwards.

6. Mix several small paintings

If you live in a small space, having a large framed piece of art on your sofa can be more impressive than impressive – it can make your space feel cramped. What is the solution? Redesign the gallery wall with small paintings. It has the additional advantage that you can easily change the graphic at any time. Make sure there is enough breathing space between the pieces so that the effect is curable rather than messy.

7. Fan out a folding umbrella

For the statement part that immediately permeates your living space with color, pattern and height, set up a slim folding umbrella on the back of your seat. Whether it’s a traditional themed screen with chinoiserie details or a graphic motif, it’s an amazing draw.

8. Go big with wallpaper

If you are a fanatic, a wide wallpaper will only provide the main sound of your choice. Use the space above your sofa as a blank canvas for transportation wall art. While the treatment is stylish on its own, you don’t need to be ashamed to put the finishing touches on it. Wall lamps, bases or sculptures can provide elegant juxtapositions.


8 Stylish Ways to Decorate the Space Above Your Couch

The wall area above your sofa is trembling with the possibility of design. It just takes a little imagination to inspire your own decorating endeavors. We rounded up eight living rooms on our trip home with interesting things above the couch. We have brought the following from the industrial system to the warehouse shelves.

1. A great work of art

If you can rent a large format piece of art instead, why waste your time wallpapering? Take a cue from a New Orleans house at D-Speed ​​and draw colorful prints or print them on your sofa to make a big impact in your living room.

2. Wine discovery

Are you looking for a tenant-friendly way to make a statement behind your sofa? At the Minaga-Wood residence in Los Angeles, we were offered vintage art like this vignette, as interesting as frame art – no hammers or nails required.

3. An oversized mirror

If you think large mirrors were reserved for bedrooms, think again. A large mirror above your sofa not only looks chic, it also creates the illusion of more space in a small living room like we’ve seen in this eclectic apartment.

4. A floating shelf

Of course, decorative items look great on your couch, but have you ever thought about the storage options that the wall offers? A sturdy floating shelf that we saw in Jasner’s Canadian living room helps anchor the empty space above your sofa and provides unexpected storage space.

5. An interesting textile

Whether it’s a blanket, knitted wall hangings, or a good old-fashioned tapestry, hang a unique piece of fabric on your couch for a layered look in your living room like we saw at Bridge Giannio in Washington, DC.

6. A gallery wall

A good gallery wall over a sofa can be very effective. Case study: Chambers Astel’s home in Charleston, South Carolina, where he put up a parlor-style art exhibit on the wall to turn the corner of a curved living room into a ruined, straight view.

7. Lighting

Are you looking for something more effective to fill in the space above your sofa? Follow in Zeba Blair’s footsteps and use a soft floor lamp to center your couch and create ambient lighting like he did at his New Jersey rental.

8. Interesting topics

Forget your pesky old art prints and paintings. A handful of decorative items, like the metallic sculptures of the sky mounted on the sofa in a New York apartment, offer an amazing glimpse into the art of the traditional themed living room.