Five Baby Nursery Furniture Essentials

Five Baby Nursery Furniture Essentials

There is a lot of kindergarten furniture available on the market today. However, most of them are not necessary. In my opinion, you only need five pieces of furniture for your nursery. (If you don’t have a closet in your nursery, you may have to add a closet to the list.)

A place to sleep – a baby bed

Here you have many possibilities, from a simple standard baby bed to a luxurious round cradle or a fancy stroller. If you have a few dollars to spare, convertible cots are good value. No matter which cut you choose, remember to consider the safety of the cot. Today’s guidelines for crib safety are much more stringent than in the past. For this reason, the use of a used crib is not recommended.

A place to change, dress, and play with your baby – a changing table

Some people will tell you to dispense with this item and change your baby at daycare. If you have chosen a crib with a folding side rail, this is quite possible. However, you will probably end up with back pain. If you decide to buy a changing table, you can choose between the open front changing table with storage baskets, which are very nice, or a combi changing table combination. The chest of drawers is a much more practical option, both for crawling babies and for storage in the nursery. Try to find a chest of drawers with four or more drawers or three drawers and a side cabinet. (Pay attention to table height, though. Waist height is best for comfortable diapering.)

All changing tables should be equipped with a handrail and seat belts. Use every time you change your baby.

Somewhere for all the equipment used for babies – a changing basket

Essential for keeping track of all those baby clothes. Storing them separately is a real time-saver if you don’t wash the rest of the family’s clothes in the recommended mild baby detergent. When it comes to floor space, a laundry bag that hangs on the back of the nursery door works, too.

A place for food and a lamp, a night table, or a table

The children’s room lamp and night light are located here, near the eating chair. A bedside table is better because it has drawers for the baby’s food.

Night hours are much easier when you are comfortable and have everything you need to be organized and at hand.

A place to sit and feed the baby, a rocking chair or a glider for the nursery

An absolute must for all those early morning breastfeeding sessions. Money can’t buy the hours and hours you’ll spend here with your little one.

Be sure to test the rocking chair or glider before you buy it. You’ll regret a quick purchase if you sit in the nursery at three in the morning and the chair gives you back pain.

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