Create Your Dream Baby Nursery

Create Your Dream Baby Nursery

The design of your dream nursery is a breeze if you focus on the nursery’s themes. Many mothers-to-be already have their dream nursery in mind but are not sure how to start. This article contains tips on how to overcome this obstacle. One of the best ways to decorate the nursery is to create a theme or color scheme for the nursery. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

1. The best way to get an idea of the theme of your children’s room is to choose baby bedding that best reflects your unique style. Choose the main impression that sets the tone for the entire room. There are many options available today that go beyond traditional cartoon characters. Maybe nice pink dots or purple flowers for a girl’s room and blue gingham for a boy’s room. Think long term and choose a theme for a daycare that will suit your child when he grows up.

2. Then, choose accessories and wall treatments that complement the colors, prints, and fabrics of the bedding. These decorative elements help match the theme of the children’s bedroom. It’s best to choose wall treatments and furniture that are acceptable to all ages – babies grow up fast! You can add accessories such as matching lamps, carpets, decorative cushions, wall decorations, and mobiles to give the nursery a baby feels in the first three years. Accessories like these can be easily replaced as your child matures and enters preschool.

3. Choose a focal point for the nursery. Many choose the bed as the focal point. You might also choose a mural or a work of art. The focal point should really enhance the theme you choose. You can also use your imagination to choose the focal point. If your child loves princesses, she can choose a headboard that looks like a castle.

4. Add a carpet as an accent color to highlight the kindergarten theme. A rug is much easier to clean or replace than carpet. It also gives your baby a soft place to crawl and play.

5. Choose furniture that grows with your child. The convertible crib is a good investment. The crib can be converted to a toddler bed and eventually to a full-size bed. You no longer have to buy three different beds. Another good investment is a changing table that also serves as a dresser when the child runs out of diapers. Don’t forget a rocking chair or a glider that you and your baby can sit on. You will spend many days and nights rocking, singing, or reading to your new baby.

6. Invest in storage space. Adding a new baby adds a lot of “stuff”. With a storage system, it’s easy to organize everything you need for your baby. Items such as hanging baskets, diaper racks and toy baskets are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics to match your theme. And when your baby turns into a toddler, he can easily get involved!

7. be sure to reserve a place to display your child’s artwork, collections, and projects. You can create inexpensive framed artwork using your child’s artwork. Another great way to showcase your child’s art is to frame the room. Shelves are a great way to display your child’s collection and pick it up off the floor.

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