What Are Those Blankets That You Hang On Your Wall Called

Wall Hangings: Must Have Styles + How To Hang Them

We all had this problem. We have a blank wall and all these big dreams and plans of what we want to create. Maybe a gallery wall, full photos of great photos from your last vacation, or one of the many prints you’ve saved in your shopping cart on Etsy over the past few weeks. Or maybe blackboard walls! (But it’s about painting …!)

It can take a lot of thought to decorate a place and sometimes it can be difficult to put that thought into action and decide what you want your wall to look like. Wall hangings and tapestries allow you to create a large blank wall without worrying too much about arranging items to hang frames and their various layers for purchasing photos.

Here are some wall hangings that can surprise your bedroom, office, living room or dormitory. Here are some tips on how to hang them up quickly and easily.


These fun camouflaged tapestries can be used to add color to empty walls, or even as a bedspread and accent blanket for a couch or bed!

Hanging method

1. Use nails or pins at every corner (don’t use thumbtacks!). This method allows you to achieve a cleaner appearance by using fewer pins in the center of the tapestry or more pins at the top.

2. Use Velcro to hang in rented rooms or on the walls of dormitories. Just put one side of the self-adhesive tape on the back of the tapestry and the other side on the wall where you want to hang it. Repeat between every corner and edge.

3. Draw your tapestry on a pole or branch, then tie string around each end of the pole and hang it on the ceiling or wall. You can even draw a tapestry on the frame of a couch, table, or bed!

4. Use nails or Velcro to make a canopy between the ceiling and the wall.

5. Use a wooden poster holder with strings on the top bar, you can just hang it up!

Wall hanging on macram

Hanging a large macrame wall is great for taking up space in the bedroom, dorm, living room, or office. Pair it with a tree nearby for a simple, bohemian look!

If you have a small part of a wall or need to decorate a small room like a bathroom or craft room, a medium sized wall hanger is perfect! This adds extra flavor to the place without exaggeration.

Hanging a small macram wall or dream catcher is probably the easiest thing to put anywhere to make it look cozier and more interesting. Its size makes it a great accent piece for larger rooms already filled in by other decorations, or a simple but interesting piece for a small room.

Hanging method

1. Wall hangings are very easy to hang in this macram thanks to the string attached to the wooden duel hanging knot! Just use a nail or thumbtack and hang it up easily

2. These hangers are great for decorating your outdoor areas like patios or patios and can also be used as decorations for parties and weddings.

Hanging pom pom wall

If you are looking for a more subtle wall hanging that still has the technical side of most of our wall hangings, then this pom pom wall hanging is for you. Hang this propriety in your hand or as part of a gallery wall!

Hanging method:

1. Similar to the wall hangings on the macram above, this pompom is easy to hang up with a nail or pin! If you hang it on the side wall or even the ceiling, the pom pom can swing backwards.

DIY boho urban wall hanging

Do you want to make your own wall hanging? This DIY boho urban wall hanging is perfect for beginners! Using simple weaving techniques and a few bits of thread, you can create your own wall art.

Hanging method:

1. This project is a great way to use your creativity, from all of the weaving you want to keep to weaving your own! Here we used a branch, but you can also use a simple wooden dowel, painted PVC pipe, or a nice curtain rod.


Things to Hang on the Wall That Aren’t Frames

The first thing to do to personalize your room is to hang it on the walls. It could be a photo, it could be a graduation, or it could be art, but one thing you can place together is that they are all in the frame. But when there are a variety of spices of life when everything on your wall is framed, the look is a bit uniform and easy to fade. Fortunately, hanging framed pieces is just the beginning when it comes to decorating your walls. Here are 10 stunning wall story options that are sure to give your home a new look without a frame.


Previously only preserved for the walls of ancient castles, the tapestries – or the macram interior – have recently seen a revival in interior design. This hand-woven tapestry is a great alternative to framed artwork. These add a unique color and texture to each part of your home, usually when you take up most of the wall space. If you’re planning on adding a tapestry or two to your home, consider placing them in an entryway or as an accent on a wall in a hallway. On your way, you and all of your visitors can enjoy this unique view.


If you are planning on making a wall story in your home, consider hanging crafting baskets. Baskets have many different textures, patterns, and shapes that are used in combination. They can have a visual impact in virtually any room. A dramatic, captivating layout is easy to create deceptively. Just make sure your arrangement is a combination of these three characteristics: size, color and pattern.

Hats off

Hats are the fashion trend for fashion right now. So why not consider turning your home hat collection into a new statement wall for your home? Hats are an unexpected wall statement that will instantly add wow carriers to your decor. For the best effect in implementing this look, choose hats of the same color or add neutral tones.


If we keep our ceilings warm and keep them above us in winter, you can get a perfect picture for your walls any time of the year with the right blankets. The ceilings on a large wall are great focal points. Or do something as creative as above and mimic a headboard in your bedroom with a blanket. If you live in a high-ceilinged apartment or apartment, throwing a ceiling is a great option and you want to make a really dramatic statement without buying 20 frames or more. Believe me, hanging a blanket will make your time and your paperback a lot easier.


Hooks are an alternative to practical wall stories and have a dual purpose for your home. They can be both stylish decor material and effective use of wall space. At the moment there are so many options for hooks on the market that there is virtually no limit to what you can do with them.

Cameroonian juju hats

Whether individually or in groups, Cameroonian poker hats are always a detail on your walls. If your plan is to accent a wall with poker hats, consider them the center of the story as they compete for attention by hanging something on you – and they will usually win. This is the only reason you often see poker hats hanging together by the fireplace or grouped on a sofa – places where they can’t help but be the center of attention. At the same time, you can look for an unexpected pop of color in a transfer room that hangs over a hall or entrance console.


Plate Wall Story is great for art collectors. The limited edition tableware collection designs make it possible to double the art for some pieces of fine china. Displaying plates on your wall is a fun, artistic way to showcase your collection and a creative alternative to the traditional traditional china cabinet.


Another way to freshen up your walls is with a small rug. The best thing about carpets is that there are always a range of textures, colors, and sizes on the market. The out-of-the-box concept is an inexpensive way to completely transform the walls of your home. When installing this look, be sure to light a stud in the wall to make sure the anchors are strong enough to support the carpet and secure it to the wall.


In design, it is a known (and true) axis that mirrors a room. So why not build a mirrored wall to really upgrade your space? If you are giving a mirror art wall story similar to the one pictured here, consider choosing mirrors of different sizes but similar scales and designs to harmonize the wall story. Another great way is to find mirrors of the same shape but different shapes hanging on the wall in different organic clusters.


Plants are good for you and your home. With so many shapes, colors, and sizes, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of neighborhoods nearby, and it’s even better to turn this into a unique wall display of your own. When creating a wall story from plants, you’ll want to look for succulents, shrubs, and other sustainable plants that don’t need a lot of soil to survive. I also keep the wall story of this plant in unexpected places like the kitchen where there is also a huge fan so you can catch the broken pieces right off your wall while you cook the food of your choice.


How to Hang a Blanket on a Wall

Textiles hanging on your walls can be an interesting choice. Fabric wall hangings add variety and visual interest to your decor and can help create a home that is more than just ordinary. You can use fabric to decorate the walls in a number of different ways. However, it is best to hang up a blanket. It recycles your existing material, creates a pleasant, inviting feeling and gives you the opportunity to showcase valuable legacies.

Wall art

Instead of displaying art galleries on canvas or photos in your main living area, hang an Orthodox or Afghan as a big focal point. Handcrafted blankets traditionally spread or throw the bed. You may have a brittle or inherited part that you don’t want to wear or tear, or you don’t want to hide it in a bedroom. A large blanket can fill a large, empty wall with a sofa. If you work with fabric or yarn, you can make small, custom pieces for different parts of your home.


Since blankets are often used in bedrooms, they are perfect as a soft fabric headboard for the bed. You can create a fabric headboard by attaching a drip rod to the wall behind your bed and placing the blanket over it, or by attaching the fabric directly to your wall. You can easily drop an animal or an afghan on your existing headboard. Add a patterned fabric headboard with stiff bedspreads to keep your sleeping area from getting too crowded.


Use it as a backdrop for framed art instead of hanging your ceiling as a focus piece. Patterned fabric colors and textures can create a nice contrast to bold, simple paintings or a black and white picture. This is how layering pieces work best when you can attach the light ceiling directly to the wall and are not too expensive to pierce with nails.

Hanging options

There are several systems specially designed for hanging textiles on your walls. Some use clips while others use strong magnets that hold the fabric in place without causing damage. You can also create your own hanging system. Install a curtain rod on the top of your wall, then fold the end of a blanket over a dowel rod and sew it back together, or make a rod pocket out of scrap fabric and sew it to the back of your blanket. Attach the nail comfort clips to the wall and secure your work around you. For light, durable fabric with a lot of sensitive values, you can stretch it tightly and attach it to the wall with thumbtacks or nails.


These 10 Colorful Fabric Wall Hangings Will Instantly Jazz Up Your Space

Perhaps you’ve already decided on the gallery wall trend. To get that look in the truest sense of the word, you’ve come to the right place with fabric wall hangings that give your walls a unique three-dimensional texture so that they can disappear. In fact, a lot of wall hangings are stunning, they can hang on their own – and don’t need to be surrounded by tons of other pieces. Instead of properly orienting a photo frame or avoiding crooked posters, the fabric usually makes it easier to install on wall decorations. Fabric hangings are perfect for brightly colored paintings and photos in the living room, but you can also jazz them up strictly to decorate stains like the space on your bed or a small, angular dining design. These are as customizable and personal as any type of work of art, but the right solution when things feel a little stale and you don’t want to spend a fortune.

To give you a starting point for wall hangings, here are 10 ideas on how to use these textiles in any room in your home, regardless of your personal style or the size of your room.

1. Colorful vertical hanging

If you have limited space, you can still use fabric wall hangings. Garlands and other gorgeous but compact hangings add visual interest and texture without taking up too much space in your home. This type of hanging is perfect for filling in empty corners.

2. Woven miracle

Plastering all of Pinterest, fiber art hangings like those seen in this contemporary Oakland loft is a trendy way to incorporate this art form into your home. The color variations are endless and will help you decorate any blank wall right away.

3. Rainbow bright

Adding a pop of color to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle or read aloud. The tenants of this room in Chicago are proving that any wall hanging can be thick, chic and still full of color.

4. Stair industry

This colorful Kentucky home hangs well with the gorgeous hanging wall stairs and murals on the wall at the entrance. Choosing colors that match the previous environment will put a house together seamlessly.

5. Draw the fabric

Blankets, rugs, towels, and other textiles make great wall hangings and often have deep backstories and history, which makes them great conversation pieces. This Harlem apartment is a perfect example of how a wall can stylistically represent a beautiful fabric.

6. Double duty

Part mirror, part wall hanging, this beautiful sculpture from Los Angeles is a great way to combine utility with boho style. The edge of this particular design is reminiscent of other textures around the house, including trendy pumps of grass.

7. Tea towel FTW

Think you need to get an extra tapestry from the home decor store? Think again This Philadelphia apartment demonstrates how something as simple as decorative can serve as perfect wall art – no frame required!

8. Geometric wall hanging

Knitting and other fiber art pieces are usually rectangular in shape. You can easily switch them up by adding things like fans that can be seen in those Philadelphia apartments, garlands, or other unique shapes.

9. Three is a charm

Interest in macram has been revived in recent years using everything from hanging plants to pillows. But whether you knit a few yourself, shop for small artisans, or find them at your favorite decor store, this San Francisco condo shows that some things look even better in the thirties. This neutral hanging trio is the perfect way to fill a blank wall next to the bed.

10. Immerse yourself in the paint

There is no better way to add fiber art to your home than to hang such a beautiful, unique wall as an example of this Boh, California home. If you’re new to the art collection, there’s a vibrant piece of poppy seeds like this original Chilean work – that still has a neutral base – a clever way to make your access easier.