The Seven Most Popular Baby Nursery Themes

The Seven Most Popular Baby Nursery Themes

Together, you and your baby spend a lot of time in the nursery, and through the colors and decoration, you can create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for both of you. As with many other things, there are several ways to accomplish this: you can have the nursery completely finished before the baby is born, or you can start with the color scheme and the few important parts and let the nursery develop as the baby grows. Whichever path you choose, it’s much easier if you decide on the nursery in advance. Below are the seven most popular daycare topics in use today:


The jungle theme combines shades of green, brown, and yellow, which can be exciting and cheerful and reassuring at the same time; it is a neutral gender design. Baby bedding, quilts, and rugs for the children’s room, as well as jungle animal cutouts, wallpaper and borders are easy to find. Lions, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants bring the exotic colors and sounds of the jungle to your little adventurer.


The theme of sport has gained in popularity in recent years. Hockey and soccer, football, and basketball are presented individually or in various combinations. The sports theme has heavy graphic patterns and fits into almost any room, but it is generally considered a nursery school theme. Blankets, pillowcases, and baby wallpapers contain images of sports and sporting goods, such as balls, pucks, bats, skates, baseball gloves, nets, etc. The graphic drawings are brightly colored and will easily capture and attract the attention of your little champion.


The fairy tale princess or Cinderella is the most feminine thing you can do. Sometimes it can be too heavy in the pink, but the bright gold stars and orange, sage, blue and brown accents can help balance out the “cotton candy” feel of the more traditional designs. Nothing is missing from the new designs of the fairytale princess nursery: the magic wand, the multi-tower castle, the shiny crown, the pumpkin, the mice, the merciless clock, and the legendary glass slipper. You can even buy cribs that look like Cinderella’s stage to complete the theme of the perfect princess.


The alphabet is a great choice of subject; it looks neat and tidy and is considered a unisex design. It usually has a good mix of colors and shapes that can be combined with the decoration of existing rooms. Two-year-olds can recognize letters and with a little help from parents can easily memorize them. An early understanding of the alphabet is a real advantage for your little scholar.


Perhaps the most popular of all is the children’s theme based on marine life – Aquarius, Under the Sea, Marine World, etc. Exotic sea dwellers and brightly colored tropical fish are widespread and scurry through the water kingdom. Seahorses, crabs, mermaids, and corals bring a variety of colors, making this theme suitable for both boys and girls.


The subject of pets has always been very popular with parents. It shows popular pets like dogs or cats and is quite endearing to many parents. The colors are usually more calm and traditional and give a sense of comfort. Many parents are more comfortable with familiar faces and shapes. In general, dogs, which represent a design, are considered a kindergarten design for boys, and cats are preferred for girls’ kindergartens.


Guardian angels are always welcome in the nursery, and the subject is as popular as ever. Bedding and accessories for baby angels are often offered in bright and vibrant colors, although there are also softer versions. This theme is gender neutral and suitable for all stages of baby’s development.

The theme of childcare is just an idea that you should not be afraid to develop. Let your imagination and creativity run wild and experiment; play with colors and shapes until the end result puts a smile on your face.

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