Top Baby Girl Nursery Design Themes


Are you anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little girl? If you’re just starting to design her nursery, but can’t decide which style to go with, check out these baby girl nursery themes below:

Pink & Gold

When it comes to designing a baby girl nursery, gold & pink are a great color combination to go with! These two colors paired together create a quaint, fairy-like atmosphere in a room. Soft, supple pinks paired with bright, sparkly golds will create a beautiful and cozy space for your little girl. Consider painting the walls pink and picking out some gold décor to hang on the walls!


Going with an elephant themed nursery is a great way to create a beautiful, peaceful space for your little girl that she will love for ages. There are so many different ways to incorporate elephants into her nursery; whether you paint a mural of an elephant yourself, or find some pictures of elephants to hang, the possibilities are endless.


Do you have a love for animals that you wish to pass down to your little girl? Consider going with a woodland themed nursery! Owls, foxes, rabbits, and deer are a few of the many animals you can incorporate into her room for this style.


Floral themed is a classic style for your baby girl’s nursery! There are so many different flowers to choose from when decorating! Whether you pick one flower, like roses, or go with all different types, it’s guaranteed to look great in her nursery. Floral bedding and blankets are great ways to integrate the floral theme into her room.


A swan themed nursery will create the most elegant space for your baby girl! Incorporate soft pinks and whites into her room and add some swan décor. Whether you find an adorable stuffed swan, or a beautiful picture of a swan, there are so many different ways to incorporate swans into her room!


When decorating your little girl’s room, you can’t go wrong with unicorns! Unicorns will provide a fun, imaginative style to her nursery. Go crazy when adorning her room with unicorns; think sparkly and colorful!


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