12 Unique Color Palettes for a Boy’s Nursery


While there’s nothing wrong with painting your baby boy’s nursery blue, there are many other wonderful colors to choose from! Whether it be bright and cheerful, or calm and peaceful, there are many different color schemes to pick from. Take a look at some ideas below:

Mint Green

Mint green is a soft, natural looking color. It’s an excellent choice for your little guy’s nursery. Yellows, blacks, and navy blues all go beautifully with this color. Paint the walls of the nursery mint green and add a few yellow blankets! There are so many ways to have fun with this color combination.

Navy Blue & Yellow

Bright, sunny yellow paired with navy blue is a wonderful color scheme for your baby boy’s nursery. Consider painting the walls a dark, navy blue and adding yellow accents. A fun way you could incorporate it into the room is to paint a cabinet yellow!

Navy Blue & Green

Green paired with navy blue will create a unique look for your little guy’s nursery. Green will add a bright touch of color to the space and navy blue will make it feel cozy. Whether you prefer bright or soft shades of green, both will go beautifully with navy blue!

Navy Blue & Grey

Silver-grey walls with deep, navy blue accents make an excellent choice for your baby boy’s nursery. Search for a navy-blue colored rocking chair to add to the room! This color pairing will make the space look clean, and cozy.

Red & Grey

Candy-apple red provides a nice pop of color against grey walls, giving off a modern vibe. Your little guy is likely to love this color scheme even when he gets older; making it a great option if you don’t want to repaint the walls someday!

Red & Aqua

This bright and uplifting color scheme will be a refreshing combination for your nursery! Red décor will stand out beautifully against the aqua walls. The color aqua is a very calming color that will help to soothe your little guy.

Aqua, Yellow & Orange

An intense, citrusy pop of yellow creates a bright look when paired with aqua. Add a bit of orange, and you’ll love how it looks in your little guy’s nursery. Paint the walls aqua and add some gorgeous orange and yellow pillows! There are endless ways to have fun with this color scheme.

Teal & Tangerine

Tangerine and teal might seem like an odd pairing at first, but it gives off a very bright and welcoming feel. Paint the walls of the nursery teal and find a gorgeous tangerine colored rug that you love. This color combination will make your little guy’s nursery look extremely cheerful; you’ll always have a smile when you enter his room!

Teal & Grey

Pairing teal with grey will create a gorgeous, cozy look for your little guy’s nursery; you’ll never want to leave the room! It’s best to choose a soft, light grey if you decide on this color combination.

Rustic Brown

Prefer a more natural look? Rich, rustic brown is an excellent option. There are so many different ways you can incorporate rustic brown into your baby boy’s nursery. The crib is a fantastic opportunity for you to add a beautiful touch of rustic brown in their room!

Black & White

Are you drawn to a more minimalist look? Then black and white is the perfect color combination for you. Paint the walls of the nursery white and pick out a black and white rug to add to the space. Find some black and white photos that you love and hang them up on the walls!

Black & Bright Colors

Black is a strong and beautiful color that is a wonderful choice for your baby boy’s nursery. Black has the ability to compliment any accent colors you pair with it wonderfully. Choose bright colors that will stand out against the black.

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